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What's the day look like in
Inspire A Learner.

Our Routine
We start with greeting (al salamo Alikom) 
  1. Putting their jackets and lunch boxes away. 

  2. Talk about our topic or Unit of the day:( Mickey Mouse Arabic alphabet). 3. Watching( al salamo alikom) video. 

  3. Taking their seats to start reciting the Quran. 

Quran Recitation: The natural music in the Quran makes it easy for the kids to love it. We INSPIRE your students with beautiful surahs.( if you love it the kids will love it).

Craft & Art Time 

Moving to the activities room. 

Letter Of the day: we have your students learn about the letter of the day (م (for Mickey (ميكي(

  • And think of more words starting with م like: Masjed (مسجد.( 

  • Students will color and work on paper sheets that match with the topic of the day.

Bathroom Break & Snack Time

Restore their energy: get them ready for writing time by having them eat snacks and drink their milk.

Clean Up & Move To Writing Room

Keep up with the same words we used earlier: Inspire the students to come up with more words starting with the same letter of the day (م.(

Play Time ⚽

Play time is very important: This is the perfect opportunity to learn manners and values. -Use play time to learn the colors and the names of the toys in Arabic.

Lunch Time

Get ready for lunch: wash hands, and make the students take their lunch boxes out, and offer help. 

children learn to be independent and help each other. 

a. Start with saying الرحيم الرحمن هللا بسم and 

b. Use your right hand. Eat slowly and chew your food. 

c. Learner the name of the food in Arabic 

d. Make Students talk about their favorite food 

Clean up and wash hands / bathroom break( وضوء wudu)

Teach kids how to do wudu.

Time for prayer(Namaz/ صالة (

Kids learn about prayer call (Azan), and practice how to do it. Each student try to be the leader of the prayer each day. Girls will wear their hijab.

Nap & Quiet Time

Listening to Quran during quiet time.

After nap time: When the students are getting up after a quiet time, we gradually help them to be active again by watching a movie (story of Prophets) that will grab their attention and make them feel good (kids are cranky after a nap).

Some students are ready to leave. 

Other students are ready for more activities.

About us.jpg

“When I started teaching 25 years ago, like any young and new teacher, I hoped to make a difference in the lives of my students.  My life has changed so much since then, but my love for education only got stronger. I see my students now transforming before my eyes and I couldn’t be more committed to helping every student realize their potential. Teaching is my life line- if I stop teaching I stop living.”


Ebtesam Eid, Mother and Founder

“I never thought I’d be a teacher, till I started tutoring Arabic at American University in DC.  At first it was a job, but quickly I found myself fully invested in the lives of my students and their success.  The way my students lit up when we played Arabic music and I saw them grow class, I knew I’d have to go into a career focused on education. It’s true what they say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree!”


Nada Mousa, Daughter and General Manager

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