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At Inspire A Learner, we leverage the Eid Method. Eid, which means celebration in Arabic, captures how Inspire A Learner celebrates religion, faith, and language in all our lessons! 


Lead And Follow Their Own Journey

Feel Safe And Secure In Class

Maintain Motivation To Keep Learning

In order to succeed, ‘Inspire A Learner’ believes that student-centered instruction must consider and address:

A student’s emotional state, individual learning style, and cultural/social background. If we want to see our students grow, we must teach every lesson with sensitivity and respect to a student’s life outside the class. 

At ‘Inspire A Learner’ we teach with empathy. The goal is to recognize a student’s mood and how that might impact their ability to learn and grow. We hope to build foundational trust in every class we teach.

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that every student learns differently. Building from our initial consultation, we build lesson plans that match a student’s learning. 

Individualized Learning Style

Individualized Learning Style

Here at ‘Inspire A Learner’ we understand our students come from a wide array of cultures and background. Being culturally sensitive allows us to form the integral relationship needed to foster a student’s investment in the class.

Cultural and Social Considerations

Cultural and Social Considerations

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“When I started teaching 25 years ago, like any young and new teacher, I hoped to make a difference in the lives of my students.  My life has changed so much since then, but my love for education only got stronger. I see my students now transforming before my eyes and I couldn’t be more committed to helping every student realize their potential. Teaching is my life line- if I stop teaching I stop living.”


Ebtesam Eid, Mother and Founder

“I never thought I’d be a teacher, till I started tutoring Arabic at American University in DC.  At first it was a job, but quickly I found myself fully invested in the lives of my students and their success.  The way my students lit up when we played Arabic music and I saw them grow class, I knew I’d have to go into a career focused on education. It’s true what they say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree!”


Nada Mousa, Daughter and General Manager

“When my wife and daughter started Inspire A Leaner, I knew they would help so many kids. Everyday I am in awe at how my wife communicates with all her students in a way that inspires me to want to make her vision come true." 


Hesham Mousa, Father, Husband, and General Manger

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