Below is a list of all the current tutoring services we offer. These services are great for non-speaking kids and teens, adults and college students. To learn more, or sign up for one of these services, please click the "Learn More" button.

Egyptian Colloquial

Egyptian colloquial Arabic or simply Masri, is the spoken Arabic dialect of Egypt. Over 50 million people in the world speak to one another in this form of Arabic.

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), literary Arabic, or Fus’ha is one of the mostly widely recognized forms of Arabic across the globe. MSA is the official language of the 22 nations in the Arab League.

Qur’anic Arabic

Qur’anic Arabic or Classical Arabic is the root of all forms of Arabic. Because its core teaching comes from the holy Quran, Classical Arabic attracts students from Muslim backgrounds.

Islamic Studies

Islam is the second largest religion in the world! About 1.8 billion people make up the total Muslim population.  In our modern times, Islam and the lives of Muslims are on the spotlight.

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