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“You need more than knowledge of Arabic to teach children. You need patience, compassion and a joy for teaching. We found all of these characteristics in Ms. Sam in abundance. She has been an absolute blessing for us!”

Ismat H.  


In 2020, our mother-daughter duo founded “Inspire A Learner” as the official business launch of a movement hoping to reimagine teaching and learning.  We are a family owned small Arabic tutoring business that believes if we care about your learning, you will too!

About Us

What started as a dream to inspire learners, quickly grew into a desire to make it our mission to inspire a learners one class at a time!


At ‘Inspire A Learner’ we are committed to personalized instruction tailored to support students in their learning goals. You are not average and your learning journey should reflect your individuality!


We believe in our students and our teaching style reflects that. We're confident that if we tailor our classes to meet your needs, you will grow as learner!

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